Behavior Modification

When things go wrong with your dog, we have solutions! We offer the area’s only specialized aggressive/reactive dog program.

This program is also an option for dogs with separation anxiety and other major issues that prevent them from participating in a group training class or public situation.

  • Ruff Edges (for aggressive/reactive dogs)

    Dog barking and lunging on leashIf you have a reactive dog, you know how stressful and embarrassing their aggressive behavior can be. From lunging and barking at people and other animals in public to jumping on or growling at guests in your home, reactivity can even turn dangerous when others fail to heed your dog’s bite warning signals. Fortunately, your canine can learn to stay cool by enrolling in Ryker’s reactive dog rehabilitation program. Rehabilitating a reactive dog takes time, but this program will enable you to effectively manage your dog’s disruptive behavior.

    Ruff Edges is the right program for any dog that is difficult to handle and would be disruptive in a normal group class, has severe separation anxiety, or other major issues.

    You have 6 weeks from the purchase of your Ruff Edges training package to complete your 4 private lessons. If you do not complete your 4 private lessons within the 6 weeks, your training package will expire and you will forfeit your remaining lessons and balance.

    • Class Length: 4 one-hour private lessons at Ryker Dog Training plus a 30 day program for you to implement at home
    • Cost: $700
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