We couldn’t be happier!

Knowing the tiny, GSD puppy we brought home, would soon grow up to be a 70+ lbs. beast, getting him into puppy classes as soon as possible was a must! So our search for a training facility that holds puppy classes for Hugo began.

On our search, we found a local place (Ryker Dog Training), through Instagram of all places, that offered puppy preschool. We were a little hesitant bringing Hugo into a group class setting, we didn’t have a positive experience with my other dog. But after watching some short clips on their Instagram page, we took the plunge, enrolled Hugo for his first class and never looked back.

Each week we saw Hugo blossom from a shy puppy to a social butterfly. Hugo loved coming in each week to learn and socialize; and so did we. Brittany’s style of no nonsense, balanced training made things click for Hugo and even ourselves. So of course, we just had to continue Hugo’s training journey here. And even start a new one for our older dog Murphy, who we thought was too stubborn for his own good. But after each week of training, we couldn’t be prouder with the progress we’ve made with the boys. From actually holding a stay, to ignoring other dogs walk by, to a whole new outlook on training. It’s all been a challenge but a fun one. Brittany and her team at Ryker have given us the guidance and tools to teach Hugo and Murphy how to become social, balanced dogs. We couldn’t be happier!

-Kristine, Kate, Hugo and Murphy