We are so glad that we found Ryker!

We are so glad that we found Ryker! When our German Shepherd was a young puppy, we started looking for a place for day care. We didn’t want her to be by herself all day, every day. We had used other doggie day care facilities for our first German Shepherd, and they were ok. But we wanted more. We came across the website for Ryker, and decided to try it.

Best decision ever! The dogs are not just “guests”… they are family. Brittany and her crew really go above and beyond to ensure the dog’s happiness and welfare. Sure, every dog needs some crate time, but they also need playtime! Crates at Ryker are just one part of the daily regimen, NOT the place where they spend most of the day.

We have even taken advantage of Day Training, where Brittany works on challenges while the dogs are there for day care anyway. No extra trips needed! The puppy socialization classes are just the right balance of play time and training time, and all puppies go home happy and tired (a much appreciated respite for young puppy owners).

Brittany is the best. Her knowledge of, skill with, and control of dogs in amazing to watch. We will trust our next puppy with Brittany and Ryker too.