Thank you Ryker Dog Training!

Growing up I have always had dogs at home, with varying degrees of obedience and manners. When my husband and I decided to start our own dog family we were very serious about being “good” dog owners and making sure we had a well behaved dog that would not be a menace to our friends and family.

With that in mind we enrolled in our first course, Basic Manners, when she was around eight months old. The class had five dogs of all sorts of breeds and owners/handlers of different backgrounds. We instantly felt comfortable in the environment and learned our first trick within the first hour. Going through the first course we learned skills that were very helpful, it really was about Amy learning manners; sit, stay, and other basics. We also were able to get advice about specific behaviors such as jumping onto people and how to stop that. She listens and can follow directions.

After a while we decided to sign her up for a more advanced course, she was “good”, but we knew she could be better. Going through that really has helped her to grow, we learned skills we use every day in our second class; she waits for her food bowl now rather than charging in immediately whether her human is out of the way or not, when a door is opened she now understands that is not an invitation for her to bolt through the door, she has to wait for permission. This generally high level of obedience has given me the confidence to take Amy out around town for errands or coffee, she has been on a few vacations with us as well. People remark regularly about how well behaved she is. When people ask how we did it we tell them time and professional help, you have to find a knowledgeable trainer, we found that at Ryker.

Every dog is different, every dog is worth training. I feel like I owed that time spent to Amy as a deposit on the relationship I envisioned having when we decided to adopt a dog. I have been paid back many times over, I really feel strongly that if you put in the time the result is a dog that is pleasant to be around, therefore both dog and owner have a better quality of life. Plus, you can impress your friends.