So happy I found Ryker Dog Training!

So happy I found Ryker Dog Training! When I was fortunate enough to find an adult, female Australian Labradoodle, a dog I’d been wanting for a very long time, the breeder suggested I attend a basic manners class early in our relationship to establish who is the boss! I signed up with Ryker knowing nothing about them. I’d had my new dog only 2 weeks when we started with Ryker. WOW, was I glad to have Brittany’s help with my very excitable, 20 month old, 55 pound “Doodle”.

Brittany taught me how to read my new dogs reactions to different situations. I had no clue! I was reading her all wrong! The dog had obviously had some training but she also had a willfulness and stubbornness about her that I did not know how to deal with. Brittany taught me how to get the control in all situations using positive training methods. In no time I’d gained my dogs respect and was the leader, instead of the other way around!

I now have the most wonderful companion who is well mannered and well behaved. We are still working on learning to be calm in excitable situations such as anywhere there are other dogs around, but thanks to Brittany and her staff we have the tools to get there. I thank Brittany and the Ryker staff for all that they taught me and for helping me find the confidence to work with my dog. That was a huge part of becoming the well balanced team we are today.

-Bonnie Korakakis