Our sessions were worth every penny

My 9 year-old daughter’s German Shepherd mix Guinness was a mess when we began private lessons with Brittany. He was the sweetest lug of a 1 year-old pup, but didn’t know his own strength. He was impolite, full of unmanageable energy, and he bolted a lot, making it difficult for Lilly to walk him without assistance. We had a new baby in the house (our fourth), and we didn’t even feel safe having Guinness inside. Although he was never aggressive or reactive, he was extremely high strung about baby Everett and couldn’t relax if anyone was near the baby or if there was any crying, or if our other kids were creating chaos. Guinness jumped, knocked kids over, herded (and scared) children by grabbing their arm sleeves in his mouth, and whined incessantly. In our absence, he nervously looked for things to destroy.

After my very first session with Brittany, Guinness began to understand his place in the family much better. By our third session, 9 year-old Lilly was leading him and instructing him with ease. She was able to walk him unassisted, and the additional exercise and leadership allowed him to relax when inside the house with the family, in spite of the family chaos. It was such a relief! He continued to mellow out over the next year and has totally settled into his main job of accompanying me on runs and snuggling the family.

Our story could easily have gone another way had we not intervened with Brittany’s assistance. What I appreciate most about Brittany and Ryker is their commitment to balanced training and positive reinforcement. Corrections are firm but gentle, nothing scary. The sacred trust between dog and human is never betrayed with these training methods. When we met Brittany, we called Guinness as the best naughty dog in the universe. Now he’s just the best BEST dog in the universe. He’s our 70 pound lap dog, and we couldn’t love him more! Our sessions with Brittany were worth every penny.