Ryker was the best decision we ever made

When we started bringing Leia to training we had an end goal in mind, we wanted a dog that would listen to our commands at any level of distraction and who we could trust to be off leash. We also wanted her to have the basics down.

Leia started at about 10weeks old and by the time she was 6 months old, Leia was doing everything we ever dreamed of and more. Ryker worked with our crazy work schedule and were as dedicated to Leia’s training as we were. Leia attended puppy classes as well as one on one training. We ended up following their training with e-collars after hearing and seeing great things and that was one of the best things we could have ever done for Leia. We truly believe it sped up her training. What I love most about Ryker is how hard they work with you and your dog during and even after training. Till this day, I know I can send an email if I have any questions. I’ll never forget Leia’s first day of puppy classes, she was given the nickname Diva and it very much stayed with her all of training and is still very much her. But, she is a very well trained and behaved diva.

Ryker was the best decision we ever made for Leia. They are a dedicated, loyal, and loving team. The next dog we get will go to Ryker to get the same quality training Leia’s received.