I highly recommend Ryker Dog Training

A friend recommended Brittany, the owner of Ryker Dog Training when my dog Maddee was aggressively lunging at strangers and other dogs while on a leash. I had taken her to several trainers before who advocated positive reward training methods only. I knew we needed another training method. I was worried that Maddee might hurt someone one day because of her extreme reactivity.

Brittany introduced me to balanced training and taught me how to use an e-collar like police officers use to train their police dogs plus positive rewards. Maddee was able to better understand what to do and what not to do in a very humane way. We both became less frustrated and more relaxed and enjoy each other more. Maddee has continued to go to Doggy daycare once a week where Brittany and other trainers work with her. She loves going and gets excited when we get ready to go every week.

If you are frustrated with your dogs behavior or your dog just needs to learn basic skills, I highly recommend Ryker Dog Training.