I can’t speak highly enough of Ryker Dog Training

I can’t speak highly enough of Ryker Dog Training or of the caring and supportive professional staff and trainers who work with the dogs and their humans! I would recommend them to any one who asks. Here’s why…

From day one, when I contacted Ryker in tears of worry and frustration over my Border Collie’s troublesome behavior, I was given a calm, compassionate, understanding ear “to bend”. None of my concerns were treated as trivial; no questions I asked went unanswered. Brittany asked pertinent and probing questions about my dog, her history, our history together, and why I had concerns. I was offered encouragement and hope, and was given information about the Ryker Ruff Edges Program, with explanations of possible causes for my pet’s behaviors, as well as of various techniques that could be used to modify them. By the end of that first conversation, I had learned a few things about dog behavior, about my own misconceptions of dog behavior, and more specifically, about Border Collie behavior. And I had accepted an invitation to drop by the training center with Jetta for a meet and greet, an assessment and a consultation. I am so glad I did. It was during that first visit with Brittany that I saw first hand what I had come to believe during the phone conversation: the staff at Ryker was knowledgeable, kind and gentle with the animals, and they knew what they were doing.

jetta-hikingThrough Brittany’s Ruff Edges Program and with her continued support and guidance, I have learned to recognize Jetta’s body language and her anxiety triggers, and to gently control her actions should she become anxious. Brittany has always explained the rationale behind her suggested behavior modification techniques, has always modeled them repeatedly for me, and has kept a watchful eye on me as I practiced with Jetta. Her one-on-one attention to what I do, to how Jetta reacts to what I do, along with her constructive suggestions and reminders, has been the key to my success. At Ryker, I have learned to teach Jetta to trust and follow my lead instead of her own instincts when she gets anxious. Jetta has learned that letting me “call the shots” has taken all the anxiety out of coming face to face with strangers and unfamiliar dogs.

I believe that Brittany and the trainers at Ryker are true animal lovers that have the training, the knowledge, the experience, and the patience to help owners identify and smooth the rough edges on their pets. They knew exactly how to help me learn to rehab and socialize a certain little Border Collie, a rescue dog with an unknown checkered past, who came to me with a few rough edges of her own.

Mary Lewis