Highly recommend Ryker Dog Training

In January of 2016 we unexpectedly lost our dear companion, Georgia, to cancer. This was a shock for us all, but Frida (a seven year old beagle mix) took Georgia’s passing particularly hard. Grieving the loss of her older sister, our charismatic Frida became despondent and lethargic. For weeks she showed no interest in going for walks, getting her favorite treats, or playing with the family. She no longer enthusiastically greeted us at the door when we returned home from work. And she spent most of her time sleeping on the sofa she had shared with Georgia. It was heartbreaking. We felt as though we had lost both of our dogs the day Georgia died. And while we knew that Frida needed canine companionship, we also knew that she wasn’t ready to share our home with a new sibling. She had always been very anxious around other dogs, and sometimes behaved aggressively toward them. To bring a new pet home while Frida was still grieving would have certainly distressed her further.

To help Frida both begin the process of recovery and work on her anxiety issues, we decided to seek help at Ryker. We enrolled her in Beyond the Basics private lessons and began working with Brittany Sawyer-Guthrie. Brittany’s calm, confident training style had an immediate positive effect on Frida and on us. She was very proficient in assessing Frida’s needs and determining a course of action for helping her become more confident. Together we began correcting bad habits and introduced Frida to new commands. This provided her with more structure and purpose. We witnessed a change in Frida’s disposition almost immediately, and by the time we had completed the five-week course, we felt we were all ready to begin our search for a new family member. We found a good fit with Otis, a Shepard mix puppy. And we were both thrilled and relieved to see Frida graciously accept him into the home.

We have since enrolled Otis in Puppy Preschool and Puppy Kindergarten classes at Ryker to develop basic skills and obedience. He attends Day Care several days a week, and we have also taken advantage of In-Home Boarding services for him. Ryker has become an integral part of both dogs’ continued development and training. Otis is truly a positive addition to our family, and Frida’s animated personality is returning as their relationship continues to grow.

This has been a time of much transition for our family and the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Ryker has been so helpful in making this a positive experience for our pets and us. We are grateful for the services and support they provide and highly recommend Ryker Dog Training to anyone seeking help creating a harmonious home for themselves and their pets.

Heather Hubbard and Erik Fritz