George’s anxiety has decreased dramatically since completing the Ruff Edges Program

George is a year and a half old male terrier-boxer mix. When we rescued George about three months ago after picking him up off the side of a road in Fresno County he was skin and bones and extremely nervous about everything.

Hoping to provide some structure to his new life, we started crate training George and teaching him to “ask” for things by sitting. While George was settling into his new life at home, he still displayed extreme anxiety whenever we encountered dogs outside of our “pack.” When he saw another dog he would start shaking, pulling on the end of the leash, and barking his little head off until we physically blocked his view of the other dog. We’re an active, social couple, and we were growing concerned that a trip to the beach or a walk to the store would always be a fearful experience for George rather than a pleasant one. In addition, George was having a hard time grasping our pack hierarchy and showed some food and toy-possession aggression toward our other dogs and to us on occasion.

We were on the right path with George, but as a busy couple we knew that we needed professional help to address his unique issues and speed up his progress toward becoming a happy, balanced member of our family. A friend recommended Ryker Dog Training, and after consulting with Brittany we booked our first session of the Ruff Edges Program. This 30-day boot camp provided us with the tools and the structure to really send George’s progress into overdrive. We were encouraged by how quickly he picked up “place,” recall and the other tools we learned throughout the course, and we were ecstatic when during our third session George shared the training room with an energetic German Shepherd without pitching a fit – three weeks ago that would have been completely impossible. It was clear that George was truly looking to us for guidance instead of making his own poor decisions on how to handle new situations.

We’re happy to report that George’s anxiety has decreased dramatically since completing the Ruff Edges Program. We are still actively training and pushing George’s boundaries in terms of introducing him to new situations, and we’re having a lot of fun and learning more about him along the way. We’re proud to say that George is officially the best trained dog in our pack, our girls have some serious catching up to do!

-Jenna & Andrew