Brittany is fabulous with all breeds!

We took our 4 month old Doberman Pinscher puppy, Zeus, to Ryker for basic obedience training. When Zeus “graduated” he was not only obedient, but socialized and eager to please. Brittany is fabulous with all breeds, especially the larger ones. She is gentle, yet firm with commands and corrections. All of the puppies in our class were very responsive to her and her associate trainers. Zeus seemingly grew to get excited about our Sunday sessions as soon as we walked through the doors! Her German Shepherd, Rykah, was a great trainer for the pups to adhere to the alpha dog at all times for their safety and protection. We not only recommend Ryker for training, we use and will continue to use Ryker for one on one sessions and boarding. We would trust our boy to no one else!

James and Mary Papaleo