Day Care

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If you are a new client, please check out our Day Training Program or our Training Packages.

Day Care is an exclusive service offered to our clients that have been or are currently enrolled in our training programs.

How are we different from other dog day cares in Fresno?

We are not the average dog day care – our staff is comprised of skilled, knowledgeable trainers that focus on the safety of your dog. We have a variety of techniques to entertain your dog – even if they are not good with other dogs. Our trainers specialize in picking the appropriate playmates for dogs that are dog selective and have alternative exercise options for dogs that are reactive. We also keep dogs on a potty schedule, taking them outside on leash to eliminate. We accept intact dogs (not spayed or neutered). We respect our clients’ choice in the health of their dog.

Because Day Care at Ryker Dog Training caters to the needs of each individual dog, we do limit the number of dogs we accept & take in for Day Care each day. As a result, reservations are required for Day Care & our Day Training Program.

The Details:

Dogs must be crate trained – or at least working on it. Because we do employ reinforced down time, all dogs must be crate trained. If you need help starting the crate training process, visit our Library and download a how-to on crate training or take a look at our Beyond the Basics program.

After you have made reservations with our Day Care Staff by e-mail or phone, you will drop your dog off at our facility. Please remember all dogs must come in on leash and have ID tags attached to their collar.

Drop Off: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
7:30 a.m. drop offs are provided as a courtesy, but must be scheduled with Day Care Staff prior to drop off.

Pick Up: 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Please note that late pick up fees do apply – A late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute after 6:00pm will be applied and must be paid upon arrival.

Day Care Rates (Days do not need to be used consecutively, can be used 1-4 times per week)

20-Day Package: $600 ($30/day)

30-Day Package: $810 ($27/day)

Ready to Enroll? Fill out the Day Care Intake Form then e-mail Day Care to get your dog scheduled.

  • Day Training

    Do you want a dog that lays calmly while you enjoy coffee or lunch out on a patio?

    Do you want a dog that walks nicely on a leash?

    Do you want to come home to a tired dog at the end of the day?

    Day Training at Ryker Professional Dog Training provides all the benefits of Day Care combined with a dedicated, one-on-one 1-hour training session with one of our trainers.

    Our Day Training program can focus on specific issues you are struggling with or your dog will be started on our Every Day Manners program that includes (but is not limited to!): place, down, sit, come, learning to treadmill, waiting at thresholds (including crate thresholds and doorways), and walking nicely on a leash; all while addressing problem behaviors like jumping and nipping.

    Our trainers will update you at the end of the day with what you need to reinforce at home – we lay the foundation for you! We also continue to proof your dogs’ commands by working them with distractions, such as other dogs playing around them, or working them at River Park.

    🛈 Please note that we do not handle aggression cases in our day training program.
    However, if your dog has been through one of our training programs, but needs a refresher or a little extra help; please contact us.


    Day Training Rates (Days do not need to be used consecutively, can be used the minimum of 2 times per week)

    20 – Day Package: $1,100 ($55/day) Click here to Register »

    30 – Day Package: $1,500 ($50/day) Click here to Register »

  • Puppy Day Training

    (No Puppy Class Attendance) – 6 months old & younger

    If you are unable to attend our Sunday puppy classes, don’t worry, we can still help you and your puppy! Our Puppy Day Training program is a great choice to get your puppy socialization and training on a weekly basis.

    Coming to our facility twice a week for 6 weeks, your puppy will learn the basics as well as have plenty of play time with dogs of all sizes and ages. Puppies attending our puppy classes that meet once a week for 6 weeks attend Day Training twice a week for 6 weeks – a total of 12 Day Training days.

    12 – Day Package: $720 ($60/day) Click here to Register »

    🛈 If your puppy does not have their full set of Parvo shots, there is a disinfecting fee of $25/day