About Us

Friendly Trainers.  Real Results.

Instinct Dog Training opened their doors in the current location at 414 W Bedford #101 Fresno, CA in February 2012.  The staff was previously operating as FresnoDogTraining.com in a nearby location.   Our training staff has accumulated expertise by working with professional trainers.  Methods are primarily positive – giving the dogs an opportunity to learn in a supportive environment.  However, when strictly positive methods do not yield results, our trainers are skilled at applying a level of correction appropriate for the individual dog and situation.

Our Specialties

  • Puppy Socialization (to prevent fear-based aggression issues later in life)
  • Canine Life and Social Skills – C.L.A.S.S. (make your dog a happy family member)
  • Problem-solving: Fear, Aggression, Impulse Control and more!
  • Daycare (exercise and opportunities for walks to relieve themselves while you’re at work)
  • Day School (to get a jump start on training – let our trainers do your homework)

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